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An announcement…

  1. 2nd and 3rd graders will be using Artsonia our online gallery this year. Parents please make sure you sign up online so your child can have access to the site during art class.

Art Room Expectations:

I’m an:

A: Always do your own work.

R: Raise your hand to ask or tell.

T: Try your BEST!

I:  Immediately follow all directions.

S: Stay in your seat and speak quietly.

T: Take responsibility-CLEAN UP!


What Do We Learn?

Our art curriculum follows the Common Core Standards for Visual Arts and focuses on the Art Elements of Design.  Our units last approximately 4 weeks and are defined by a specific art element: line, shape, value, color, form, space and texture.



Our young artists are not required to bring supplies to the art room.  On the days that they have art please have them dress in something that can get dirty.  As the year progresses, we will work with various materials including paint.  On your child’s art day please dress them in dark colored uniform shirts.


Artsonia Online Art Museum

This year our young artists will participate in Artsonia, which is an online art museum.  Selected artwork will be uploaded to the website and can be viewed by the artist’s family and friends.  To learn more about Artsonia please visit.
Artsonia is a kids art museum where young artists and students display their art for other kids worldwide to view. This gallery displays schools (K-12) and student ...


Mrs. Treya Cooper-Martin

Art Teacher

Winslow Township School #2

(609) 561-8450

Great things are done by a series of small things brought together. - Vincent Van Gogh